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David S. Tupler, P.A. helps Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood-based companies and individuals prevent contractual pitfalls. Our Broward County contract attorneys help create, edit, review and register commercial agreements. With more than 20 years of experience drafting contracts that comply with Florida’s specifications for legally binding documents, Mr. Tupler has a wealth of knowledge handling complex issues.


Our Hollywood contract dispute lawyers understand that a Florida company’s reputation is as much of a priority as financial success. Our areas of expertise in breach of agreement cases include:

  • banking
  • construction
  • defense
  • finance
  • government
  • health care, including pharmaceuticals
  • insurance
  • new businesses
  • real estate, including tenant and landlord disputes
  • retail
  • technology
  • telecommunications
  • compound contracts


Commercial contract disputes usually revolve around delivery time of goods, the condition of those goods or finalizing the project for those goods. Whether updating a contract for continuous work or drafting a new contract with a new company, there are numerous questions that should be acknowledged or answered before work begins:

  • Has all registration paperwork been distributed to Florida’s Department of Corporations?
  • Was the registered paperwork approved by Florida’s Department of Corporations?
  • Do all parties have the legal capacity to follow all terms of the contract?
  • If a party must have responsibilities temporarily stopped, is there a representative who can handle issues in their absence?
  • Does this contract offer reliable goods or services or money?
  • Was the agreement oral or written? (Depending on the contract level, some contracts must be written even if agreed upon orally.)
  • Has any language agreed upon orally been excluded from the written contract? If so, why?
  • Has any language that was agreed upon in writing been rejected orally? If so, why?


For written contracts, according to the Florida Bar, a company involved in a contract dispute must file a lawsuit within five years during the time-frame that the written contract was completed and signed by both parties. For an oral contract, the time-frame is four years. Enforcement of a contract should occur within a year’s time. Contracts can include details of what would happen should a dispute occur. Examples of items both parties can agree upon beforehand:

  • a dispute would be settled by a jury
  • which party will pay attorney’s fees
  • option for alternative dispute resolution forums
  • option for mediation or arbitration

If you find yourself in a dispute with another party, let our Fort Lauderdale construction litigation attorneys go to work to get you paid. Our initial consultation is free and we stand ready to help you in Broward County today. Call David S. Tupler, P.A. to schedule an appointment at our Hollywood or Ft Lauderdale law offices.