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Oral contracts in Florida: Are they binding?

September 25, 2016

Updated: May 26th, 2017 With the exception of contracts that are required to be in writing pursuant to Florida law – as listed below – oral agreements are binding and legally enforceable. However, just because an oral contract is enforceable does not make entering into one advisable or favorable. They’re notoriously difficult read more...

Two contracts; Two mechanic’s liens

September 2, 2016

EXPLAINING THE PROCESS Clients sometimes ask us whether they need to do two (2) separate mechanic’s liens when they have two (2) small contracts on the same project in Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood. They call hoping that the answer will be that they can get away with one (1) lien. This read more...

Public property and lien rights

August 19, 2016

THEY OFTEN DON’T EXIST. BUT THERE’S AN EXCEPTION. If you’re working on public property in Florida, you usually have no lien rights. As a substitute to lien rights a payment bond may be available. However, sometimes there are still rights where one thought there might be none. If the work on read more...

Foreclosing on Smaller Liens

July 14, 2016

PROCESS ONCE WAS MUCH MORE COMPLICATED Lienors are now able to foreclose on mechanic’s liens under $15,000. Broward County Court may provide a more amicable, quicker and less expensive forum than Circuit Court for liens under $15,000. In the past, foreclosing on smaller construction liens in the Fort Lauderdale area read more...

Don’t assume you have lien rights

July 2, 2016

Today’s construction projects have become more treacherous, requiring suppliers and subcontractors performing on them to be more careful in determining what their position is in relation to the owner and general contractor. This elevated level of caution from their Fort Lauderdale attorneys helps them ensure that they protect their rights read more...

Liens and the Proper Payment Act in Broward County

June 27, 2016

Despite the myriad of pitfalls and obstacles created by Florida’s Legislature designed to protect Broward County lienors in their claims against the owners and their right to attorney’s fees should they prevail on a lien foreclosure action, there remains a bastion or safe haven for the owner in the rubric read more...

The dangers of compact contracts

May 16, 2016

All businesses in all industries enter into contracts at some point, and construction companies in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood are no exception. While many business contracts are simple, like an agreement to deliver a product on a specific day, construction contracts usually are far more tricky, and need an attorney’s read more...

How to protect your lien rights

March 30, 2016

WHERE SHOULD YOU APPLY THE MONEY? Florida’s Mechanic’s Lien Law requires that those paying money and those receiving money should designate and should inquire, respectively, where the money is to be applied. Failure to do so can result in loss of lien rights. Specifically, Florida Statute 713.14 deals with designation read more...