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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Contract Lawyer

We Specialize in Breach Cases in Broward County

David S. Tupler, P.A. helps businesses and individuals prevent legal pitfalls by creating, editing and and registering commercial agreements. With more than 25 years of experience drafting written agreements that comply with Florida’s specifications for legally binding documents, our Fort Lauderdale contract attorneys have a wealth of experience handling complex issues for clients in in Broward County, Florida. Simply put, we can help preventing legal challenges in the first place.


An effective contract dispute lawyer understands that a Florida company’s reputation is as much of a priority as financial success. David S. Tupler’s areas of expertise in breach of contract cases include:


Contract disputes usually revolve around delivery time of goods, the condition of those goods or finalizing the project for those goods. Whether updating an agreement for continuous work or drafting a new one with a company in Fort Lauderdale, your contract lawyer will advise you of the primary questions that should be acknowledged or answered before work begins:

Certain circumstances can void a contract, including agreements signed by minors, or those who do not have the mental capacity to understand the scope. Contracts also could be nullified if one or more parties was drunk when the agreement was executed.


For written contracts in Fort Lauderdale, according to the Florida Bar, a Broward company involved in a dispute must file a lawsuit within five years during the time-frame that the written agreement was completed and signed by both parties. For an oral contract, the time-frame is four years. Enforcement of a written agreement should occur within one year’s time, and should include details of what would happen in the event of a disagreement. Examples of items both parties can agree upon beforehand:

If you find yourself in a contractual dispute in Fort Lauderdale, let Broward contract attorney David S. Tupler, P.A. go to work to get you paid. Our initial consultation is free, so call now to discuss your case and learn your legal options.


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